So how to explain this post?

Well, I guess, the most reasonable start would be: I arrived to this city to attend the wedding of a friend. This is her city by birth and it took me 4 hours in an ugly bus to arrive here.

The bus started from some shabby little station, actually it was a corner. Luckily, I got friends with a girl who offered me a ride to the hotel where I was supposed to sleep.

Once I arrived, the party started.

Waking up was like this:

The view on Danube and naval shipyard from the hotel

Galați is a port town on the Danube River hence the naval shipyard. The city had a growth through trade: Ottomans, Russians, France and England, Genovians… you name it!

My friend Gabriela Denise and I decided to take a walk that morning and enjoy breakfast before we had to go to our scheduled wedding hairdresser.

At the bank of Danube

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit this beauty: Fortified Monastery of the Holy Virgin – the oldest building in Galați da ing since 17th century. It was built from local materials including stone, forest wood, brick and lime, sand from the beaches of the Danube and so on. With its typical Romanian church architecture, the monastery has some specific elements of interest such as a bell tower as it was used for observation of the Danube valley and for defense. 

Fortified Monastery of the Holy Virgin

The walk through the city looked like this:

Administrative palace


IMG_20180922_090140 (1)IMG_20180922_090957 (1)IMG_20180922_091017 (1)IMG_20180922_091108

I guess the Communist era left its traces. Although the city has nice places to chill and enjoy the real romanian traditions like this restaurant, for example:

Casa Romanesca


Time for the wedding! Orthodox wedding! Can’t wait to meet the tradition 🙂

IMG_20180922_160757 (1)

IMG_20180923_003746 (1)
Romanian cuisine

Long live the newlyweds!