6633Russian Concubine and the Secret of a Concubine are 2 beautiful novels that start in St Petersburg right after the First Russian Revolution and the aristocracy is killed to give the room to communism and shared state property.

The beautiful pianist Valentina Ivanova somehow managed to escape and buy a five-year-old daughter, Lidija, with her jewels, and her husband was allegedly killed. The

fugitives found themselves in the International Colony in China, where they hardly survived. Lidia grew into a red-haired, young woman, who could not curl her depressed mother. One day, she walked into Chinese hands on a pocket walk, which she would surely have killed if she was not saved by the wild Chang Anla, a young Chinese Communist commander.

A hot love has entered, which has outgrown intercultural and political differences and has changed their pathways for ever. In this romantic story, the English writer also listed some of her mother’s experiences, which she showed to her daughters at an early age that life is fragile and swift and that the only real values ​​are those we carry in our heads and grow in our heart .