The city of love, where you can still find the places of the famous tragedy of Romeo and Juliette… My grandfather, brother and I visited it for one day and discovered all the romance of this city!

Frst we took a cup of nice italian coffee at the main Piazza Bra – very happening square, with the great view of the typical roman monument Arena. Soon we continued to visit other sites r like the Castel Vecchio Bridge over the Adige river . The bridge is from the 14 century and leads to the fortress of the medieval times.


Verona is an old city, and as the Romans conquered the Italian peninsula, thereby they started to build the city walls which were later in 15 century expanded and adjusted to its times. Later was the city walled in the 1800’s as a stronghold of the Austro-Hungarian empire’s Italian holdings.


The best we left for the end! The house of Juliette and her balcony where she was expressing her love to Romeo. In front of the house is her statue and Muro dell’ amore (tal. Wall of love) where lovers leave their secret messages and love wishes.