From Peru I continued to travel to Bolivia. A poor landscape but great people on my way! I stopped in peruvian city of Puno and continued my way.

My next stop was another wonder: Lake Titicaca – the highest volcano lake in the world. It ays on the border of Peru and Bolivia. The origin of the name Titicaca is a distortion of the term thakhsi cala, which is the 15th century name of the sacred rock on the Island of the Sun, which I visited!


On the Island of the Sun and many others around it, the indigenous groups still live and they are called Uro. They live on the mentioned floating island. It is believed that they are the owners of the lake and water. Uros used to say that they have black blood because they did not feel the cold.

The islands are floating because they are made of totora – a giant plant dried and composted forcefully. From the same plant the houses and boats are constructed as well.