Not many cities I visited took my breath away. Although I travel a lot and each city or country leaves a different taste in my mouth and it is particularly placed in my travel heart and mind.

A trip to Big Apple was inspiring, amazing, challenging (especially when running for metro lines and trying to figure out which of them will bring me back to my lodging).

I have been dreaming about this city for a long time. Especially because a good friend of mine lives there – K.C.

So I finally decided, did my visa, booked my ticket and arrived with Delta Airlines to New York city. I landed at J.F. Kennedy Airport. K.C. picked me up and we immediately went to Long Island where she lives and where I stayed, at her place.

We went to eat at PJ Leahy’s  –  the great sea food restaurant and got the Long Island cocktails for the dessert.


Although it was 3 am for me, but just before the midnight in US  we took a metro and went to Times Square. Aaaaaand I got my Marilyn Monroe moment when I accidentally stepped on a vent. 😀


We continued to party in New York! ❤

There is no need for further introduction to this travel: the rest of the days I just walked and walked, from Lower Manhattan all the way up to Central Park. I admired the buildings, the sudden parks in front of me, the sun that moves between the skyscrapers and gives you a special reflection…

So here are the photos of my bite into the Big Apple:


I should also mention that a friend and a colleague of mine escorted me to UN Headquarters. We entered the General Assembly meeting, saw the UN Secretary General giving the statement at the doorstep and then just decided to eat in UN’s building and enjoy the beautiful view on the East River.


Oh yeah, btw, and I shopped at Macy’s